Trex RainEscape® Materials Estimator

Measure your deck's dimensions and fill in the each of these fields to get an estimate of the Trex RainEscape materials you will need.


Joist Length (in feet) without cantilever

Number of 4x4 Railing Posts

Deck Width (in feet)

Are you using Trex Elevations? (Trex steel deck framing)

Additional Cantilever if any (round up to the nearest foot)

Square Feet of Your Deck

Joist Spacing (inches, on center)

Wall Flashing Tape (linear feet of deck against house)

An estimate of what you'll need:


Total Pieces

Down Spouts


12 ft. Trough


16 ft. Trough


Trex RainEscape Caulk


Trex RainEscape Tape


Elevations Tape


Post Flash


Wall Flash Tape


This is an estimate only, please call Trex RainEscape 1.877.348.1385 or your local dealer for confirmation.